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“Your First Move toward a Better Occupational Health and Safety Management System”

Gambit Industrial Safety Solutions Ltd. is a Guelph, Ontario based Occupational Health and Safety Consulting and Training firm with a staff of seasoned, health and safety  professionals. Gambit’s associates specialize in Industrial Manufacturing Safety Training.

Our clients are found in both the public and private sectors across Canada.  As former Health and Safety Managers or Coordinators We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience that goes into the development, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of Occupational Health and Safety Systems that meet Canadian provincial legislative requirements, industry best practices, and relevant C.S.A. Standards, Codes, and Acts.

Gambit’s Management believes that a business with a successful Occupational Health and Safety System experiences many benefits through a reduction in lost time, medical aid, and first aid injuries, lower Worker Compensation costs, as well as fewer property and equipment damage incidents.  Employee morale is also enhanced when a health and safety culture is present, where words are translated into actions and there is a strong commitment from leadership that is visible throughout the entire organization.