Course Code: 002

Man going into confined spaceIn this course you will learn that confined spaces can be dangerous, many injuries and fatalities could have been prevented if adequate procedures had been in place and followed.

Participants will:

  • Understand how the Occupational Health and Safety Act and changes to the New Confined Space Regulations for Industrial Establishments apply to confined spaces.
  • Become familiar with the hazards that confined spaces present.
  • Review confined space requirements for Programs, Planning, Hazard Assessment, Entry Permits, and Emergency Planning requirements.
  • Understand the various types of equipment required for confined space entry including gas detection equipment, extraction.

Interactive presentation and lecture
Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Supervisors, Joint Health and Safety Committee Members
  • Up to 3.5 hours for Theory.
  • 1 hour per group of four participants for a hands on evaluation.
  • Course materials and certificates provided