Course Code: 009

WSIB Statistic

80 people are injured every day in a fall at work, that’s one every 20 minutes.
Same-level slips and falls account for 65% of all fall injuries.
Falls from heights account for 34% of all fall injuries.
These falls are preventable.  This course will provide the necessary theoretical knowledge of proper fall prevention.

Men working on high riseParticipants will:

  • Know the legal requirements under the following legislation
  • Understand the principles of basic hazards and controls of fall prevention
    • Ladders
    • Powered elevation work platforms
    • Protective covers
    • Warning barriers and bump lines
    • Guardrails
  • Understand travel-restraint systems
    • Fall-restriction & safety net systems
    • Fall-arrest components
    • Bottoming out
    • Pendulum effect
    • Emergency rescue
    • Hazards assessment of task and risk management

Interactive presentations, group discussions and videos.
Employees who are at risk of falling
  • 3 hours for theory. Up to 15 minutes per person for practical