Course Code: 011

When first-aid emergencies arise an immediate response by trained personnel will help to prevent loss of life and/or permanent disability from occurring. This course will provide the necessary information and skills that first-aid responders require.

Participants will:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and provide basic care for breathing, cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses for adults, children and infants until advanced medical personnel arrive on the scene
  • Receive information on first aid for choking, airway, breathing and cardiovascular emergencies, head, spine, musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, sudden medical conditions and poisons
  • Demonstrate skills such as C.P.R. breathing and choking emergencies, and bandaging

  • Brief lectures, interactive presentations, exercise, practical demonstrations, individual practice and skills development using life support mannequins
  • Written test and practical skills evaluation component
  • This is a WSIB approved program which participants must pass both a theory and practical course component
Designated First Aid Responders, Managers, Supervisors, Lead Hands, Employees, Joint Health and Safety Committee Members and Social Committee Members
  • Full Certification – Up to 16 Hours (2 Days)
  • Re-Certification – Up to 8 Hours (1 Day)

In Addition:

  • Gambit offers AED training as part of this program by special request, with an additional cost
  • Wall Certificate