Course Code: 015

Joint Health and Safety Committees are the backbone for health and safety in workplaces. Knowing what those responsibilities are and how members fulfill their roles is the focus of this course.

Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and various Regulations
  • Review committee members’ responsibilities including:
    • Workplace inspections
    • Accident investigations
    • Representing workers in work refusal situations
    • Accompanying inspectors on visits
    • Being present at the beginning of testing for workplace contaminates
    • Participation in WHMIS training program development
    • Being informed about pre-start health and safety reviews
    • Requesting information from the employer about equipment, processes, articles, devices or things
    • Attending meetings, minutes taking, making recommendations to the employer
    • Certified members
  • Learn to avoid the pitfalls that cause committees to become ineffective
  • Learn what committees should be focusing on.
  • *Please note this course does not qualify as Certification training. If you require the MOL JHSC training please register for Basic Certification Part 1*

Interactive presentation and brief lecture
Joint Health and Safety Committee Members
  • 4 hours including an onsite inspection with participants