Course Code: 025

Propane CylinderThis course will provide the participant with the necessary theoretical knowledge of proper propane handling, changing and storage. 

Participants will:

  • Be familiar with legislation and regulation requirements for propane handling and the dual components (Theory & Practical) of propane handling training.
  • Be familiar with the characteristics of propane, propane expansion, propane cylinders and temperatures, the major hazards of propane, propane’s flammability range, the appropriate liquid propane filling level and liquid and vapour propane systems.
  • Identify propane cylinder components and be familiar with inspections procedures.
  • Be familiar with propane cylinder changing, handling and storage procedures, receiving policy and procedures, propane supplier label and material safety data sheet and personal responsibilities, safety, emergency response.
  • Learn how to identify and properly tag-out a defective, damaged and out-of-date propane cylinder.

Lecture, interactive presentation group and individual
All operators of propane powered lift trucks required to change a propane cylinder
  • 2 hours with a practical
  • Course materials and certificates provided