Course Code: 028

Worker containing a spillIn this module participants will learn that responding to spills requires planning. Not knowing hazards can lead to injuries, illness, structural, environmental, and equipment damage.

Participants will:

  1. Understand the hazards related to various chemicals
  2. Conduct an assessment of their facility to determine risk potential
  3. Review the framework for developing a spill response plan
  4. Review various types of personal protective equipment and their application
  5. Review training needs for spill response personnel
  6. Complete a questionnaire at the end of the course

Brief lecture, interactive presentation, video. A hands on Spill Clean-up can be arranged.
Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Supervisors, Employees and Joint Health and Safety Committee Members
  • 2 hours for theory
  • 1 hour for hands on clean-up
  • Course materials and certificates provided