Course Code: 014

This course provides a clear understanding of what workplace violence is.  The focus is on how to develop a policy and program to address the issues of workplace violence.

Topics include:

  • Bill 168: Workplace Violence
  • Legal duties under Occupational Health and Safety Act of employers, officers, directors and supervisors to prevent and manage workplace violence.
  • Types of liability for failing to protect workers from workplace violence and harassment and the involvement of the MOL.
  • Review of changes made to the OHS Act.
  • Defining workplace violence and harassment.
  • Identifying, assessing, and controlling workplace violence risks.
  • How to conduct a workplace violence risk assessment.
  • Dealing with work refusals related to violence and harassment.
  • Worker training and reporting incidents.
  • Disciplining workers for violence/harassment.

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Increase awareness of workplace violence and harassment and the harmful impacts on organizations and their employees.
  • Translate legislative requirements into active compliance.
  • Provide practical, hands-on solutions and tools.

Interactive presentations, group discussions and videos
Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources, and other Employees
  • 2 hours