10 Aug

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A Health and Safety Representative (HSR) is required in workplaces with 6-19 workers.

This page is intended to assist HSRs, and employers who are required to have an HSR, in understanding the role of HSRs.

It also includes information about voluntary HSR training, which is available online.

The Internal Responsibility System
Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) sets out the rights and duties for occupational health and safety of all workplace parties.

One of the primary purposes of the OHSA is to facilitate a strong Internal Responsibility System (IRS) in the workplace. The IRS means that everyone in the workplace – employers, supervisors and workers – has a role to play in keeping workplaces safe and healthy.

The HSR acts as a link between workers and employers in supporting occupational health and safety at the workplace. As part of the IRS, the HSR helps prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths.